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Adventures in Puerto Vallarta

Adventures and related things to do in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta adventures

Puerto Vallarta, the ocean and the nearby jungle in the Sierra Madre mountains are the perfect setting for some extraordinary adventures. If You travel alone or with Your family, with friends or with Your partner, there always is an adventure tour that fits Your needs. Most spectacular and unique is the well known pirate adventure on board of the Marigalante. If You prefer the jungle instead of the ocean than the zip lines or canopy adventures are a good choice. Travelers who want to show their skills with vehicles choose between ATV-Tours, Dune Buggy excursions or Jeep Adventures. Not enough ? Try horse back riding !

Pirate Ship Tours

About 500 years ago the spaniards build the first port at the pacific ocean at Manzanillo 2 hours south of Puerto Vallarta. The trading route between America and Asia soon got noticed by the pirates. Pirates of big names, like Sir Francis Drake, entered the area, attacking the treasure fleet whenever they could. The famous Puerto Vallarta pirate ship adventure is a unique possibility to get an impression of these times.


Want to fly like a bird between the trees ? Try the canopy or zip lines. Several highly specialized tour operators offer this breath taking experience in the jungle.

ATV, Dune Buggies and Jeep Tours

Travelers want to get off road and forget about traffic jams and red lights. A wide range of ATV, Buggy or Jeep tours allow the skilled driver to go through rivers, dust and jungle with fancy vehicles. Organized safaris and tours to different destinations for just hours or a whole day are available.

Horse back riding

As well travelers can enjoy the jungle, waterfalls, rivers and spectacular views through horse back riding. one of the favorite family friendly adventures. These tours often are part of day trips to secret beaches, to haciendas or other destinations.

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