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Wildlife in Puerto Vallarta

Wildlife and related things to do in Puerto Vallarta

Wildlife in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is very rich of flora and fauna. Many species can be observed in their natural habitat, some of them exist only in this region. The Marietta islands for example are populated by more than 300 bird species, nearby the humpback whales with their young can be observed from December through April. Tours and trips at water or at land provide unique opportunities to get in close contact with these eco systems.

Puerto Vallarta whale watching

Whale watching excursions are a really impressive experience for young and old. Available are simple observations by boat for a few hours or experience centers with close information about the animals, their behaviour and their habitat.

Swimming with dolphins

While wild dolphins can be seen from time to time in the bay, some specialized dolphin centers offer swimming with dolphins, dolphin training for kids and much more. Sea lions are as well featured. Matching tours and visits are very popular for families.

Puerto Vallarta Birding

Birding is a very special experience for abitionated photographers as well as for tourists who love eco tours. The Marietta islands at the northern tip of the Banderas Bay are as interesting as lagoons and the surrounding jungle.

Botanical gardens

At least two botanical gardens, both non profit projects, offer the unique opportunity to see and learn about the local flora. Visits can be aaranged individually or as all inclusive tours.

Vallarta Hiking

Spectacular views and close eco experiences are the reason why many travelers choose this interesting way to discover the surroundings of Puerto Vallarta. Secret spots where traces of the ancient precolumbian population are still visible are as interesting as exceptional waterfalls deep in the jungle.

Marietta Islands

The Marietta islands are a must for all eco travelers. Snorkeling, birding and diving in this eco park are an interesting wildlife experience for young and old.

Sea turtle camps

During the summer the sea turtle camps are a highly recommendable activity, as the parcitipants learn and help actively to protect the diferent species in their natural habitat.

Puerto Vallarta Zoo

What the botanical gardens for the flora, is the zoo for the fauna. Many regional species and some foreign animals can be observed in the Puerto Vallarat Zoo, a few minutes south of the city.

Wildlife images

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